Posted by: Frank | 07/13/2014

Supreme Court – Good or Evil?

A recent letter to the Editor in our local West Hawaii newspaper obviously from a Democrat & Likely a Liberal that LIVES in a State (yes Hawaii) DOMINATED by Democrats/Liberals & UNIONS that have created a haven for welfare and keeps her people under their thumbs by implying that being on Welfare is normal and a good thing.

We are controlled by legislators that, on a regular basis promise more of the same as long as they (the welfare legislators) keep being voted into office.


We are a State where if you aren’t a Union member, government worker or “Know someone” of importance, you likely won’t find a decent paying job!

We are a State with high taxes (do your research), dependent on Tourists, voted the “Worst State to Make a Decent Living” and high on the list for Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

With all that this writer (and those like her) condem (and suggest Impeachment) a Supreme Court judgement that keeps FOUR (4) ‘abortion causing’ drugs from being provided for free by a company owned and operated by Christians.

She talked about impeachement for them yet likely supports a President that ignores the Constitution that our country was founded on. While democrats roll in their TAXPAYER funding:


Perhaps she and others that conveniently ignore what is going on around them should pay a bit more attention to what Obama is doing to our country as a whole AND what is happening AT HOME!!


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