Posted by: Frank | 07/14/2014

GOP – Attitude Adjustment Needed!!

I published this a couple of months ago in hopes that my friends in the GOP would WAKE THE HELL UP! NOW I ask – WHAT IN HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! It’s time to accept FACTS for FACTS! There is nothing to be gained by causing a stir about Gay Marriage – ANYWHERE! You accomplish ONE thing – show the ‘fence sitters’ that you will not bend! IF YOU WANT TO KEEP LOOSING ELECTIONS, CONTINUE TO BE STUPID!

If you are reading this, pay attention to ALL of my points – they are VALID!!


Aloha world!

I went to my first political meeting ‘off the season’ on the 27th of June and have come to the SAD conclusion in ONE MEETING that if the GOP doesn’t change it’s attitude SOON about POT, abortion & Gay unions/marriage, they are in trouble again and will continue to be…

For the Record, I have met FEW Democrats in my life that I would ever consider voting for, especially now with Obama hanging over our heads like a HUGE PUSS SACK READY TO BURST AT ANY MOMENT, and those that are running and spouting his left wing garbage surely will never get my vote.

That said, I firmly believe that the RIGHT needs to be able to ‘bend’ on hot item issues, as the Democrats have for decades! I don’t want them to lie and deceive the public like Democrats are prone to do but just learn to be flexible and NOT refuse to listen and give in now and then… They NEED to admit they don’t know everything and can’t solve every problem but will be willing to WORK on them with an open mind!

Obama got elected because he presented a bunch of proposals that he knew were hot buttons for the American people. He was/is a great manipulator- he knows what will suck in a public that actually believe in fantasies he was able to spin.. He has surrounded himself with people that do nothing but dream up things that they (and he) know can’t be attained but still makes for a good press conference. The arrogance of these people is mind boggling yet they have it figured out and it works when you have a weak minded following that lives in a fantasy world..


In MY opinion, PROBLEMS the GOP can easily fix:

1. DO NOT promote, create or distribute literature or video that in ANY way either promotes or decries the ‘Rights of Gays’!

LOGIC: Though many people like myself could CARE LESS about Gays getting the same benefits as other ‘married’ COUPLES, the WORD ‘Marriage’ is not one of my favorite things and I freely admit it. That said, I do NOT protest – I just use my own, proven word ‘UNION’ when talking about the topic.

2. DO NOT create, promote or distribute literature or videos that is in ANY way against the legalization of Pot!

LOGIC: There are a gazillion closet ‘pot heads’ in our country. YES – many republicans, I could give you a list but won’t. I am NOT one of them but willingly talk about it to friends. It is THEIR choice and it could cost votes if you come out firmly against it. THINK before you speak!

3. DO NOT create, promote or distribute literature or video’s that is in ANY way against a woman’s right to have an abortion!

LOGIC: Obviously this is a HOT topic to many ‘on the Right’ but it is a NO WIN situation in today’s society. All it will do is create an image that you are bull headed and won’t bend with the wind. IS that what you really want to project to those ‘sitting on the fence’ voters?

4. DO NOT jump on the ‘bandwagon’ of ‘repealing Obamacare’! Suggest it needs some ‘fixing’ but don’t say you will repeal it!

LOGIC: OK, Obamacare – as a whole – SUX! Many of my friends have told me of problems they are having, costs they are getting stuck with, high rates, etc. WE AGREE! The problem lies in the fact that a FEW people have actually benefited from this catastrophic law! Some of them VOTE Republican! If you make a blanket statement saying you will REPEAL Obamacare you just told those people that you don’t give a shit about them. They will stay home or vote for your opponent!

5. DO NOT start shouting that you will work to Impeach ANYONE!

LOGIC: While half of America (maybe more) would love to see this happen, we all know it won’t! Our “clown-in-chief” will ‘serve’ his 8 years and retire happily on Taxpayer millions and laugh all the way to the bank. In the history books YOU will go down as one Racist Son of a Bitch that tried to Impeach our first Black President. It won’t matter that the next paragraph in the book will tell us in small letters that he was the worst president in modern American History!

6. DO NOT fall into the ‘war on women’ gambit. There is NO WAR ON WOMEN unless you count the fact that Democrats want to keep them pregnant and poor so they will need to DEPEND on help from the government.

LOGIC: If you start defending the GOP on this subject you need to make the person(s) explain to YOU – WHY they think there is a ‘war’! We all know there isn’t one but simple minded people that are easily influenced by the lies and exaggerated ‘facts’ the LEFT presents always attempts to make it LOOK like there is one! YOU need to put it back on them…

With all of these things, ALWAYS be aware of the “open mike” or someone standing around with a smart phone recording everything you say no matter how innocent YOU think it is!

Simple FACT!
As an American and a human being, You have the right to believe what you want and promote those beliefs. The problem is when you start out on a campaign with the notion that YOUR ideas are the only ones that count, you’ve already alienated AND lost a bunch of possible votes that could be critical to your being elected.

I firmly believe that you can be honest, express your opinions yet demonstrate that you understand that the world around you is not cast in STONE, is a LIVE and evolving entity! Life in America is complicated, made more so by liars and deceivers like our current President and those that support him!

Stand up and be counted – be ORIGINAL!

TERM LIMITS – Another hot topic – feel free to promote it!


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