Posted by: Frank | 08/13/2014

Making Choices – Freedom to Communicate!!



free speech5

I learned at an early age that every living person has TWO things in common! They all have OPINIONS & they all have BUTTS (please note here I didn’t use the “A” word out of CHOICE though it has been used MANY times to describe MY opinions!)

For those that might have forgotten: “Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas using one’s body and property to anyone who is willing to receive them.” (as defined by Wikipedia)

If you have ever read my blogs (like this one) or my Facebook or Twitter posts, you have realized that I strongly believe in that definition! You may also have noticed that I STRONGLY believe in specific parts of the First Amendment!

Protected by the 1st Amendment: “Criticism of the government and advocacy of unpopular ideas that people may find distasteful or against public policy are almost always permitted.”

free speech9

It has been suggested that I create a new ‘page’ be it Facebook or a web page where I can talk all the politics I want. There is one fundamental thing wrong with that idea and that is, I don’t NEED to have a spot where others that BELIEVE AS I DO, can come and do me homage and complement me on my views, patting me on the back when I bash someone that they too don’t like. I do NOT NEED to be another ‘Huffington Post’ that leans so far to one side (left if you don’t know of them) that they censor those of us that don’t agree with what their core visitors spout regarding their left wing garbage on every and all topics that are posted.

What I DO need is to have the ability to share my views with people I actually care about in the hopes that they will poke their heads out of their fantasy worlds and see the world for what it is. Recent years have brought out the activist in me that I didn’t realize was there. With that in mind, I always hope that ONE of them will look at the leadership of our country today and realize – THIS ISN’T THE AMERICA I GREW UP IN!!

My BEST friend was a hard core liberal that would give you the shirt off his back (and likely the rest of his clothing) if he thought you needed it. I knew him 20 odd years before his untimely death and each time we got together we would talk about ANYTHING that crossed our minds. Politics, religion, work, friends, the world in general and his sex life (which he admitted wasn’t always what he wanted). We could talk about these things without getting mad or throwing things or calling names.  I listened to his point of view, he to mine and we tried to prove these points.  Sometimes we succeeded, sometimes not. The point is, this man was the opposite of me when it came to politics, he was naïve and trusted politicians to be honest and live up to what they promised. He was finding out that often it is NOT the case as with our current President. STILL we were friends til the end and would have remained that way BECAUSE  we could talk about ANYTHING, ANY TIME!

OK, I’ve been rambling, what am I getting at here? It’s quite simple really, Freedom of Speech is THE LAW OF THE LAND! As Americans it is something we expect and covet! It DOESN’T favor ONE side of the political spectrum NOR one group of people! The advent of the Internet has expanded this freedom more than any of us could have guessed and I, for one, take advantage of this ‘new’ medium! I do my very best to check the facts and do the research on the topics I post or discuss on any post.

It doesn’t mater which ‘side’ you are on, you have the right to voice your opinion about whatever and whomever you wish – within the boundaries prescribed by law.

If a person doesn’t like what I am saying, I ALWAYS invite them to dispute my facts – if they prove me wrong I will be the FIRST to admit it and correct any mistakes I make.

So.. Facebook, I’m here for the duration so if you don’t like what I’m saying folks, feel free to move on..

free speech12


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