Posted by: Frank | 08/28/2014

Hawaii’s Democrats are STARTING!!



A recent article in the paper (from an outsider)  implied that Hawaii was known for it’s ‘clean’ campaigns during election cycles. Anyone that has EVER lived here knows that was a line of BULLSHIT and that the (west coast) Reporter was likely a Democrat (or liberal)!

Prime example was the latest Hanabusa try for the Senate spot was proof that dirty politics are the RULE, NOT the exception. She followed the approved ‘bait and switch’ plan mixed with lies and innuendo that Abercrombie and Hirono (just to name the most recent) used so effectively painting Lingle & Duke as the bad guys (when we ALL know it was the UNIONS)  that promoted Furlough Friday). The Ruling LEFT of Hawaii, know every dirty trick, have access to deep pockets (that they have filled via their corrupt policies) and do NOT hesitate to use anything they feel useful truth or lies to get what they want.



Yesterday WHT had a letter writer sent a similar FALSE accusation, typical left wing nut logic. Here is the letter:

“Duke’s stance on education suspect It is nice to see that Michelle “Mike” Kerr has a sense of humor. I am positive that Duke was Lt. Governor when the school furloughs happened. He sure sounds like he is “now” an advocate for better education. I don’t know how he manages to say that and doesn’t choke on his words. His actions spoke otherwise when he could have done anything to prove he cared one iota. Lip service gets you elected, but the most embarrassing, disgraceful and downright disgusting attack on the education system, including on the students and educators, happened while he was on duty. I am sure Duke supporters can and will be adamant and creative in his defense, but facts don’t lie. He may not have been in charge, but he sure was in a position to do something.”

See more at:

MY Response that WHT likely won’t print:

“I read the leader from Ray P***i this morning and just shook my head. I was going to just ignore it an chalk it up to another left wing nut that liked to fabricate information when they were afraid of the truth. I couldn’t help thinking, just another hardcore supporter of people like Lazy Mazie and our race baiting president that could care less about facts and just plays the bobble head routine whenever a democrat talks. ‘Lazy’ used the same bogus argument when she ran against Gov. Lingle and many gullible left leaning voters bought into the garbage, conveniently forgetting NOT ONLY was Gov. Lingle going along with the UNIONS suggestion for Furlough Fridays but she had house and senate DEMOCRATS fighting against everything she tried to do. Even when it was pointed out to Mazie she made NO attempt to Apologize for her misinformation, just kept on moving forward, satisfied that she had done enough damage to Lingles campaign to sway the election. So Mr P***i, kindly get your facts straight when you BLAME others for something that YOUR Party is responsible for and in THIS case feel free to SHARE THE BLAME with the UNIONS that came up with the idea instead of blaming the Governor and Lt Governor – who if you actually knew anything about politics in Hawaii – has very little power to begin with!! Duke will make a FINE governor and will try hard to balance our wacky left wing legislators out as Linda did instead of following suit to the 60 years of single party rule Democrats have shoved down our throats.”

 obama_ice cream

When listening to democrats, ask yourself – “where do they come with this BILL?”


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