Posted by: Frank | 08/30/2014

Being a Christian & Politics!

 I have NO doubt that this might aggravate some of my ‘friends’ or others that know me but if I keep holding it in it will AGRIVATE ME! I take pride in the fact that I am honest and express what I feel (ever seen my truck??). I try not to hurt people so if asked a direct question that I don’t want to answer I will ‘dodge’ the topic instead of making a hurtful comment. I can’t ‘dodge’ this anymore…


I for one am getting REALLY annoyed about hearing that ANY candidate for office is better than another BECAUSE THEY ARE “CHRISTIAN” (or MORE of a Christian).   AND that if you ARE a Christian, you should vote for a certain individual.

I took the time to go to Wikipedia and look up the definition of ‘Christian’ and was actually surprised to find out that I MIGHT not be one – as described by those who say they are!

“Being A Christian It is a term used as a label to identify people who associate with the cultural aspects of Christianity, irrespective of personal religious beliefs or practices.”

The FULL definition can be found here:

Here is my problem… I am more into politics than I am religion. I strongly believe in SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE though there are places where the two run together and it is NOT going to cause our country to crash and burn.

I also believe in a “Supreme Being” but choose not to but a TAG on who or what that ‘Being’ might look like or represent.

On our Island today I keep hearing “Christians for XXXX” time and again and I can’t help thinking that I’m NOT sure I’m good with that. I don’t expect ANY Governor to bring FAITH (other than “faith” in a fair election) into the position he is chosen for. HE can be a Christian, I have no issue with that at all and hope his faith is a guide to doing right by the people that elect him.

 I will vote for the MAN (in this case) that I think will be best for HAWAII as a WHOLE, not vote for him BECAUSE HE’S A CHRISTIAN.

If I thought that the person that I’ve chosen to cast my vote for was going to be a “bible thumping, fire breathing, burn in Hell Governor” – he wouldn’t be getting my vote! IN FACT, I would be helping with someone else’s campaign!

As it is, I am voting for the MAN, whom I have met and respect. Perhaps, Toning down the “Christian” rhetoric would HELP, not HURT!

I know for a FACT that I am NOT the only person on isle that feels this way…



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