Posted by: Frank | 11/06/2014

Hawaii Health Connector – FAILURE!


Hawaii has had a reasonably good health care system of years. People have grown used to it and most didn’t want change or like the idea of Obamacare.

In the paper (Sept 24th) they published an article regarding the upcoming candidates for Gov and their feelings about the ‘health exchange’ both Democrats admit the Exchange was a mistake and isn’t working!

A ‘DEAL’ that was promoted by Hawaii’s Democrats when they sold their votes to force the ACA down the throats of Americans (including Hawaiians). In the days, weeks and months after the ACA passed our Hawaiian Senators ( Akaka (D-HI), Yea Inouye (D-HI), Yea)  & Representatives bragged about the fact that a ‘special deal’ was made to allow Hawaii to pretty much ‘go about business as usual’ when it came to Health Care!


Over a hundred million in TAXPAYER dollars later and we are STILL having problems with the “connector” all thanks to the DEMOCRATS that sold out millions of people across the country.

Democrats have controlled Hawaii politics for 60 years, we were recently told that we have the WORST ROADS in America, we are the WORST PLACE TO WORK in America. Our TAXES are harder on the poor than those of us that make a decent living. ALL this and the PEOPLE OF HAWAII keep electing the SAME corrupt legislators that worry more about their political career than the people THEY ARE HIRED TO SERVE!

Isn’t it time for Hawaii and her voters to wake up? Looks like it will be “business as usual”!

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