Posted by: Frank | 11/06/2014

Politics & Entitlements – Dependency

“SAVED” – Perhaps, perhaps not!

Across America the Voters finally admitted they’ve had ENOUGH of the CRAP Democrats have been feeding them! Enough lies, enough hate, enough Race Baiting, enough of “war on women”, ENOUGH of all the BULL their Democratic leaders were trying to shove down their throats!

WITH THE EXCEPTION OF HAWAII! People of Hawaii chose to continue to be mired in the political Hypocrisy that Democrats have so aptly used to control their corrupt system for almost 60 years. The choices were clear and evident, sign up for something new and fresh that could move us forward or continue the same old $hit that crushes progress, raises taxes, oppresses the poor and generally promotes welfare.


I’ve waited two LONG  days before creating this post because I had a hard time believing my eyes and ears on Tuesday night as I AGAIN saw so many ‘Hawaiians’ ONCE MORE make one of the dumbest mistakes of their lives. How they continue to vote in incompetence year after year is mind-boggling to say the least.

What is it about “50+ years of oppression by Unions & Democrats” that so many of Hawaii’s population don’t understand?

Are we REALLY destined to be THE State that has the ‘claim to fame’ of being THE “State of Entitlement”? WE are worse than California it that’s possible!!


NOTE! I have NO objection to receiving ‘government assistance’ when it’s needed – BUT if you REQUIRE it to live for YEARS – there is something wrong and you should be thinking of making a ‘life change’ before you end up totally DEPENDENT and vote with legislators that DO NOT have your best interests in mind.  YES I’m talking about Democrats..

My personal curiosity leans towards wondering how many people who ONCE MORE voted for these INCOMPETENT Democrats are on Welfare or government assistance of some sort AND expect more now that Democrats are still in control? Once again the Dems outspent the GOP with support from the Unions, a group that FEEDS on taxpayers like leaches, draining the lifeblood of our residents!

money talks

How many more years are the sensible people in our State going to suffer because it seems that the MAJORITY of the people lack the common sense to vote for someone who JUST MIGHT HELP OUR STATE MOVE FORWARD instead of continuing as a Welfare State.

We ALL know that the LIES the Democrats published about Duke and his involvement in “furlough Fridays” were just that – LIES, yet they still continue to push the lie! Were these lies helpful in promoting the useless Democrats that ended up being elected? No way of knowing because most people will lie about WHY they voted or didn’t vote for someone.

I won’t take time to RANT, those that voted for the usual CROOKS know who you are and WHY you voted for them. IF I missed the mark, feel free to comment – I’m betting I won’t get many!

more of the same

LIVE with you choices!!

And finally – Obama is NOT your friend, any more than is a Democrat your friend! WAKE UP Hawaii!


  1. When reading this, kindly note that I did NOT promote the GOP! Do I think things will change for the better because they are in power – YES! BUT if I had MY way, ALL incumbents would have been OUT and we would be starting over! Aloha

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