Posted by: Frank | 11/13/2014

Nobody BUT Obama!


It’s sad that the most powerful man in America doesn’t have the stones to stand up and admit he is WRONG!

His whole goal is to make the rest of the world THINK he knows what he’s doing when anyone of average intelligence can easily see through his façade and understand that he is ‘winging it’!

His lack of common skills other than those of communicating his idiotic ideals, has been a waste of time and effort.

A man that has had a real JOB likely gained some work ethics along the way would be able to stand up for our country and make the ‘changes we could believe in’. We know that in HIS case, he had neither the skills of a REAL worker or the ABILITY to accept and excel at the task at hand. To make things worse for America he surrounded himself with incompetence by choosing those that share many of his views and bought their way into his Administration.

He makes no real effort to vent those he picks and lets ‘due process’ cull out the worst in an effort to make the GOP look bad. His answer to everything is to do the most damage he can to our political system and our country by picking and choosing his ‘fights’ on the single premise that the Republicans will stand against him and his flunkies. The single hope is that if he and his Party give people enough ‘free stuff’ and make sure it looks like the opposition is against it, the people receiving the ‘free stuff’ will continue to vote for MORE, regardless of the corruption that comes with it… The major news media still protect this loser and we let them get away with it.

“Hawaiian Effect” – Living in a State like Hawaii, akin to living in California – both welfare States that cling to the Democrats in hope of extending ‘entitlements’ to the ‘poor’ while empowering the 1% that happen to be Democrats. It is challenging for those of us that see and feel the Damage the Democrats do and are trying to make ACTUAL changes for the good of the people. Those of us with the guts to challenge the ‘norm’ might suffer a bit but MOST of us aren’t willing to cave to the hypocrisy that controls our State.

There are MANY young people in Hawaii and across America that aren’t following the ‘rules’ and voting Democrat. As the old farts that lack the ability to digest what Democrats have done to our country (or are receiving ‘kickbacks’ from the Left)  die off and the Young people decide that living with your hand out, waiting for your neighbor to pay his taxes so your can receive your entitlement,  is NOT for them, things will change.

I blog, write letters, talk to people, do volunteer work, mix with the community and share my thoughts & views… My views are simple – AMERICANS are not Socialists and those that are willing to work for a living and care about their families WILL win out in the end. Patience and Education (something that needs work here in Hawaii) will shift the tide. The people here are NOT dumb, they are in a rut and need help to dig themselves out of it. It’s the job of those of us that are successful today to provide the guidance needed to cut the umbilical cord to “entitlements” and the corruption the Democrats are so proud of…

Likely a Democrat/Liberal won’t read this but for those of you that would like some interesting information, check this out:


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