Posted by: Frank | 01/28/2015

Young Mothers of Hawaii

map-single parents

This post is directed to the many young friends I have made since moving to Hawaii.  Plying my ‘trade’ as a photographer has given me access to many young ladies on our islands, many of whom I have become friends with over the years.  I often talk with these young woman and hear of their situations.  What I hear does NOT make me a happy person, nor does it do much to make me very proud of our Islands.

While those of us that live in Hawaii love our state, we also know that it is a far cry from Paradise. Most of us think of our own well being and desire to enjoy our lives. For the most part we forget that there are many around us
that are a lot less fortunate. In the past few weeks my own small circle of friends have exhibited a most disturbing trend on our island that troubles me greatly.

I have three (likely many more that I don’t know about)  young female friends that I’ve known since they were 15/16 – all three are now grown women, two of them have children ranging from a baby to four year old, the other has a newborn. ALL three of these young women have been deserted by the men that fathered those children. NONE of them get much support from their families or the families of those same fathers. Two of these young women are virtually homeless, depending on friends for a place to stay, with those children, for short periods of time.

We Hawaiians live in a State that depends more on Welfare or ‘State Assistance’ than any other State in our Republic. Our Hawaiian culture, our ‘Aloha spirit’ when it comes to these young women is a sick joke, a VERY sick joke! The link below points ‘Mothers’ to State assistance programs – When you follow it, feel free to show me where it does anything to GO AFTER THE DEAD BEAT DADS!! The “State” (Taxpayers) foot the bills, the Dads move on to the next willing young woman…

These women bare the responsibility for the young lives they brought into the world yet do not have the means to fight for what they deserve by way of child care or help from the responsible MEN that impregnated them and our STATE & LOCAL (county) government virtually  ignores their situation.

Where are our legislators, why are these deadbeat dads allowed to get away with this? As a RILE it takes two people to create a living breathing child.  To me it seems that the men on Hawaii enjoy taking advantage of these young women, who are more often than not under the ‘age of consent’ and with no interference, often with the blessing, of the parent(s) of these under age girls with little fear of consequence.

Their (the fathers) attitude is ‘it’s not my fault that they got pregnant’ why should i be held responsible?


My opinion, something needs to be done to help these women! Perhaps they need to band together and ‘take on’ our local government, because right now, IT STINKS!
Frank Dickinson

Kailua Kona

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