Posted by: Frank | 04/08/2015

TMT or No TMT on Maunakea


Aloha World!

During the past few weeks I have been involved in several blogs that are against the construction of the TMT. Many people say it is because of the ‘spiritual’ meanings the Mountain holds for them, Others say it’s because of the Archeological sites or a combination of both.

We also hear them claim they are “protecting the Aina” yet when I reply that the TMT is NOT going to ruin ‘The Hawaiian Culture” NOR the environment any more than the TRASH our locals seem to love throwing out of their vehicles or garbage they leave along the highway instead of disposing of it at one of the transfer stations. How about the lava that is taken from ‘protected’ areas so that rock walls can be built. Perhaps they could direct some of their “Protection” towards your surroundings.

What do I get – silence, complete and utter silence. It seems that the only “Aina” they find important is a big rock in the middle of the island that is mainly visited when it snows (truckloads of the white stuff for the kids – which I find commendable)  or tourist, hikers. Oh and the occasional ceremony…

MOST of the focus on the blogs is ‘anti-TMT’ and few ‘Hawaiians’ will stand up and admit they have no problem with it being built. After all, these protesters are their friends and neighbors protesting against the construction. These are friends of their families, their children go to school together – so they (ones in favor) just sit back and listen to the negative trash talk, not willing to sound out with their own feelings.

While I am having these sometimes heated conversations there has been more that a little hostility, geared directly at me. I have been called a bigot, a racist, an elitist, a ‘privileged white man and any number of other things not so nice. It seems that if you go against the vocal anti-TMT people that the Aloha Spirit that Hawaii is so famous for, just kinda disappears.

Of course then we have the ‘over the hill’ crowd that wants Hawaii to become a sovereign country. Their claim is that since WE (Hawaii) are not legally part of the United States that the TMT can’t be built on foreign soil without the permission of the government. The total CRAP they spout about not building the TMT because Hawaii is not part of the USA is just that- CRAP!  They may not like it, but FACTS ARE FACTS, Hawaii is part of America and it will continue to be so. Trying to use the flawed logic of others that just like to hear themselves yap is useless..

These crackpots need to quit with the BULLSHIT and get a life.

For any that don’t know, I’ve been part of Hawaii for 40+ years and live here now because i love the islands AND her mixture of fantastic people! You don’t have to be BORN in a place to love it,  I respect the Hawaiian culture and the Aina more than a lot of others I could point out. I’ve EARNED what i have, have the right to be where i am and I have the same right to say what I feel OUR Constitution protects even the crazies that don’t want to admit they are part of our country.

I pay my way and do NOT count on handouts or others to support me.



  1. Wow. The remarkable thing about your blend of racism is that you don’t even view it as racism. Shame on you.

    • May I ask where you buy your DRUGS? Just curious so that I can advise people NOT to go there! How you can twist my HONEST opinions, views and factual points into “racism” is above and beyond comprehension. Perhaps you need to look up the definition of ‘racism’ and admit to YOURSELF that YOU may qualify?!?

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