Posted by: Frank | 07/11/2015

Hawaiians – For or Against?


Recently, as is our habit on Veterans Day and Memorial Day,  was spent at the Veterans Cemetery, Kona side. It was a solemn and moving occasion that always gets my emotions stirring. I listen to the people, watch the audience, walk the grave sites and visit the MIA Memorial.  This day, when we listened to “God Bless America – Hula Rendition” by Colleen ‘Coco’ Namura from Oahu, my heart felt like it skipped a beat. I always get ‘goose bumps’ when I listen to this song but watching It put to “Hula” was much more beautiful, graphic and emotional in my opinion.

For me, watching the reactions of the people joining us in this remarkable honoring of our service men and woman, both past and present was a genuine treat.

During the various phases of the program, I took the time to look around at the people surrounding me and was happy to see people from all walks of life, all ethnic persuasions paying attention, singing along with the songs, INCLUDING ‘God Bless America” and

For the past few months we, on Hawaii have been bombarded by PROTESTERS of the TMT – spearheaded by the Anti Military, State/American minority that CLAIM to be trying to protect the Aini while their real agenda is pushing for Hawaii Sovereignty. Sadly, many locals buy off on the garbage these people promote to make them feel justified in their own warped propaganda. Time for them to wake up!

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