Posted by: Frank | 08/08/2015

Hawaii – Had a chance & Blew it! 2016 is coming

I know this is still 2015 but believe it or not Election 2016 is right around the corner and likely Hawaii will continue in the same rut that they have for over 50 years!


America makes major changes but Hawaii remains the same. Here we sit, months after making TWO major BAD  choices by electing yet ANOTHER career Democrat as Governor and a Democrat Senator with a somewhat questionable background, instead of a Republican (or anyone else) that could have shown Americans that Hawaii has HEARD and is AWARE of what has gone on in our country for the past six (6+) years.

My question – WHY did we in Hawaii continue to show the rest of America that we BOW to dirty politics and remain clueless, electing worthless Democrats to important offices over and over again.

During the last campaign we  asked – Do Hawaiians have the “stones” to take on the Democrat Juggernaut and show they that enough is enough or will it be ‘more of the same’?

To our EMBARRASSMENT we  again answered that question by placing the usual rubber stamped butt kissing Union backed ‘losers’ back in offices that they use for personal gain. Do we EVER hear of a Democrat retiring BROKE?

I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry when a recent headline in West Hawaii Today showed the headline “New Leadership”

“Leadership” & politics in Hawaii consists of six (6) things, Promises, LIES, Elections, More Spending, Higher Taxes & MORE Lies! Perhaps I should add ‘back stabbing and blaming others’ for everything they do wrong – something Democrats are Pros at!


When Abercrombie was crying about his loss, he tried to BLAME (there’s that word) it on signing off on gay marriage. The REAL facts are that he made promises to the unions then turned his back to them once he was in office! The Unions booted him out, actually doing us a small favor in that respect but then they turn around and throw their power into electing another ‘good ole boy’ with no ‘stones’ as Governor ‘because of his roots’ was stupid! What promises did Ige make behind closed doors?

We hear from Gov. Ige that he will have a “more transparent administration” the same empty words we’ve heard from every elected Democrat (re: Obama) so many times before. We see Gov. Ige bow to the criminals blocking work on the APPROVED TMT project. His inability to use his power to do the right thing is NOT the sign of a strong Governor. Time will tell if he is as full of hot air as the rest of our Democrat legislators including our President.


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