Posted by: Frank | 08/16/2015

TMT or No TMT on Maunakea Part II


Once again I will likely piss some people off, including a few of my ‘friends’ but this IS still a free country and we all have our opinions and the right to share them.

As the fight for the building of the TMT continues we are finding just how low the protesters can stoop! The leaders (a small band of bottom feeders pushing for sovereignty) continue to tell lies about the site that will be used. I recently hear of them telling people that will listen that it is a burial ground and the TMT construction will desecrate it. We KNOW that is a lot of Bullshit!

They put obstructions on the road to stop traffic and legitimate workers that need to go to their work place.

They defy the law that says they aren’t allowed to camp on the mountain.

They try to shame and humiliate the law enforcement officers that are trying to do their jobs, virtually threatening them when approached.

They do their best to insult and bagger those of us that aren’t buying into their BULL, making sad attempts on blogs and WHT to imply that if we don’t agree with what they are trying to do we don’t care about the Aina or that we are ‘racist’.

They have conned easily swayed people all over the State of Hawaii and many just plain dimwits on the Mainland into believing that their ’cause’ is ‘just’ when it’s ‘JUST’ a bunch of crap!

I just spent a WEEK in ‘discussion’ with a ‘person’ named ‘Akulele’ that accurately displayed the ignorance & arrogance of so many of these hardcore anti TMT supporters. They lie, stretch the truth, resort to name calling and ugliness  and ignore FACTS! They PREACH aloha yet ignore it when ‘talking’ with those of us that support the TMT. It’s all a farce, the leaders of this JOKE have shamed and embarrassed locals into blindly following them.  ‘Akulele’ went so far as to say I don’t belong on the island, I don’t appreciate it, love it, care about it….  When I came back and listed the things the groups I am a member of have done and continue doing, there was NO answer, just more insults. Typical response because I DO NOT BOW DOWN TO THEIR GARBAGE!

It’s time for them to wake up!

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