Posted by: Frank | 08/23/2015

TMT on Maunakea Part III


More and more I watch these (few disgruntled) people that profess to ‘protect the Aina’ end up doing more to damage it than protect it, the more it saddens me. Over the past few months I have talked with MANY locals (yes, even ‘Hawaiians’) and asked them how they feel about the TMT.  The VAST majority admit that they SUPPORT or at least DO NOT OBJECT to the TMT project moving forward. They are aware of what the project will do for their children and the State of Hawaii!

My second question was, “do your friends and family agree”? MOST say they keep their opinions to themselves because of specific friends or family that have joined the Anti-TMT protesters.

My third question was, “how do you feel about the ‘Sovereignty‘ movement” that is the REAL agenda of the protest leaders? I have not found ONE person that supports it!

I respond to EVERY blog and letter (WHT and others) that I see and end up hearing the same old sad song “Hawaii was stolen/conquered and we do NOT have to obey any laws from the State of Federal government”.

I have spent 3 days blogging via WHT with people that lack the common sense to even have a civil conversation regarding their (in my opinion) misguided thoughts regarding ‘Sovereignty’ and it’s like hitting your head against  a rock wall. They DEMAND freedom but still want the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES & HAWAII to continue providing them with their ‘free stuff’! WE (America) owes it to them for conquering Hawaii.  They have gone so far as to say, even though at least one of them is getting welfare money, food stamps and child care dollars – they AREN’T AMERICANS!

MY response – if you aren’t Americans, WHY are you stealing Taxpayer money from us? It didn’t sit well – the name calling got worse.. The last comment was, “good luck finding the treaty of annexation. u helped me to understand that the public must hear this even more…I’m going “to waste my time” educating as many as i meet that there’s no treaty of annexation and show them the US laws that relate to that” 

Regardless of how they feel, they are talking to the wind, Hawaii will REMAIN a State. These are likely good people with families they care about and yet they actually THINK that things would be better for them if Hawaii were ‘free’!  Perhaps they need to look at OTHER small (island) country’s that can NOT support themselves and depend on others to help them through their lives.

Do I have the answers? Never said I do, but I DO know that if these same people put half as much energy into helping to make THEIR HOMELAND better, things could change for the good of the people and they could stop being so bitter..

My Opinion – feel free to disagree and let me know…  Aloha

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