Posted by: Frank | 08/25/2015

Think about ‘Climate Change’ – BULLSHIT!

I do NO pretend to know all the answers to this question but I do know that no matter WHAT we do and the TRILLIONS of dollars we spend on this BOGUS war on the Climate, NATURE will win in the end! I prefer to spend my time doing my own “Green Thing” by planting more trees and other GREEN plants that USE the CO2 we are creating. Admit it, IT CAN’T HURT and it DOESN’T cost TRILLIONS of dollars! Plant a tree – today! 320,000,000 X 1 Tree CAN help make a difference in our world!



OR This:


TODAY – Idiots promote the lies politicians want them to.

Skewed ‘facts’!

WHY lie about ‘climate change’?

Think about THIS:

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