Posted by: Frank | 08/25/2015

TMT – Mauna Kea – Hate & ‘Violence’


The source of frustration & disagreement.

For the past five (5) DAYS the following is my latest & LAST exchange with one of the fanatics ‘protecting’ Mauna Kea against the construction of the TMT.  INSTEAD of staying on point regarding the TMT and use of the mountain these fanatics choose to fight ‘the war’ for ‘Hawaii ‘independence’.  THIS is what pisses me and others off – the discussion should be about the MOUNTAIN & TMT!! So much for the “aloha spirit”!

After numerous exchanges where he declares that he ISN’T an American citizen though he is happy to accept benefits from the government. The numerous posts involved more profanity and irrelevant ‘information’ from my antagonist as he tried hard to bring me down to his level, then my comment when my fanatic ‘friend’ posted yet another TRASH post:

Please feel free to scroll back through OUR remarks and count the times YOU swore & used FOUL language compared to ME… It will answer your question… When you attack someone – expect like replies – though I kept mine more civil..

HIS reply to me:

You are very welcome!!! There are those who know what is true and there are those like you who only want to hear what you want to hear.

Yes, what I have been saying speaks volume and all your brainwashed idiots need to do is to go to “” and see for yourself if what I am sating is true or false.

If you don’t then all you are doing is speaking volume based on your personal opinions or the contrived and made up history that your United States Government wanted you to believe just as the had done in their illegal occupation of the America’s, slavery, landing on the moon, 911, terrorism and for the past 122 years their illegal occupation of Hawaii.

So as you can see the only ignorance I have exposed to the posters is…..YOURS!!! Had enough or are you dumb enough to come back for more???

Bring It On……

I DID respond to his trash talk though not with Profanity. My final reply in this discussion:

You can NOT claim someone ‘ignorant’ just because they CHOOSE not to argue with you on something that is TOTALY a non issue when it comes to the TMT & the Mountain.

I stated at least a DOZEN times that I COULD NOT CARE LESS about about PROVING that Hawaii was ‘conquered’ is or is not a State! I DO NOT CARE if you or any of your fanatic friends think we are a State! That argument has NO value in the TMT discussion!

You can RANT, CRY, Jump up and down while beating on your chests and screaming to some nonexistent God about how unfair things are today.

HOW can I make it plainer to you or the other clueless complainers that keep throwing that useless argument out there?

It is of ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE or INTEREST to me or other supporters of the TMT AND was not part of or our original conversation about MAUNA KEA!

Feel FREE to Argue the FACTS – it’s a BIG mountain, there is ROOM for the TMT and those that wish to worship, hike, sight see, watch the stars, build snow men/women or do just about anything – WITHOUT disturbing anything that is CLAIMED to be ‘sacred’! Those are the FACTS!

He continues to attempt to taunt me into more idiotic banter that I choose to ignore. I will be happy to discuss the merits of building the TMT or anything else pertaining to the mountain as long is it REMAINS about the Mountain…

Verbal abuse, lies, rocks in the road, glass, brush, resisting arrest, abusing officials that are trying to do their jobs – this is NOT “Aloha spirt” in any form!

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