Posted by: Frank | 09/07/2015

Sovereignty Advocates or Charlatans..


For the past few weeks I’ve been blogging and responding to many people, most that don’t care about my opinion and don’t want to listen to what i say because I’m an ‘outsider’!

These same people have NO problem with the fact that they recruit ‘outsiders’ that have no vested interest in our Island and what happens here. Because I write against those supporting the protesters against the TMT on our island (Hawaii) and the new telescope going up on Maui, I am the enemy. In reality I care as much about this island as they do – for different reasons, that’s why I believe they are WRONG to attempt to stop such a valuable project.

In an effort to actually understand what is going on I have been researching the ‘sovereignty’ issue. While I have no doubt that those advocating sovereignty do have some valid points/reasons for pursuing this, I also believe the average Telescope protesters are NOT of the same stock as the others using the TMT to force their single goal – desiring Sovereignty.

Fanatics! My new favorite word when it comes to the confused ANTI – TMT / ‘Hawaiian Sovereignty’ people. Fanatic is the perfect description yet not quite strong enough to describe these one track minded individuals.  When it comes to the TMT and Mauna Kea, they are just plain self absorbed “Hawaiians” that continue to be bitter about something that happened in the past that they had NO control of!!

These Fanatics will NOT stop if the TMT isn’t built, they will continue their quest to void Hawaii Statehood. I firmly believe that these ‘Protectors’ could actually care less about the TMT, they quite likely know the good this will do our people, our island and our country in general and are just using the building of this worthwhile Telescope to promote their agenda and rile up the people and get more support for their distorted goals.

While a few people claim that the mountain is “Sacred” there are very FEW places on or around  it that can be PROVEN to fit the claim. So, First and foremost, Mauna Kea is just a DAMN BIG ROCK with NO value other than what it is currently being used for and the occasional ‘religious’ ceremony.

Take a moment to actually thing this through.. Ask yourselves what THEY (the fanatics) have to gain.. It surely isn’t a lava hut or fishing pond and hunting pigs with spears..

The fanatical SO CALLED ‘sovereignty advocates’ are looking to ‘reclaim Hawaii’ – FOR WHAT? Nothing will ever be like the ‘old days’ and they don’t really care about the harm they do to the people of Hawaii or anything else.

My Opinion………..



    Refer to a video of my graduation speech:

    AND the systematic attempts by many to disallow me that moment to bring clarity to the the term “a Hawaiian place of learning” used to exploit and rationalize the bipolar ethnocide UH is simultaneously committing against the same culture they pacify with a variety of pedestals and payoffs.

    The TMT will not be built.

    1.8 million acres of Hawaiian Kingdom lands set aside for public subsistence and welfare has been squandered and plundered by the US Federal government and “State of Hawaii” who have no clear title and legal jurisdiction to these lands for the last 122 years and counting.

    These are stolen and a crime in current progress.

    Hawaiian Kingdom public lands will be returned to the rightful clear title holders- the Hawaii National descendant body, ALONG with all rights to Waters, all civil rights inherent to the 4.2 million acres totaling the land base of the Hawaiian Kingdom and nation, and the entirety of our ocean territories.

    • We can agree to disagree. The TMT is a worthwhile project and should be built, it will be a great step forward for Hawaii and our country. Hawaii will remain a state and those that are protesting the fact are wasting their time, time that could be spent doing other more productive things to help the State and her people.. aloha

      • If it were legal (aka laws and regulations were not circumvented) and the land was not an endangered poecies environment, native burial etc… what you say would be true.

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