Posted by: Frank | 10/02/2015

TERM LIMITS are our Friend!

voter fraud - richardson

Likely you have already forgotten about this woman, Ms Richardson – a DEMOCRAT – voted 5 times for a Democrat and had NO remorse.

Democrats fight against  Voter ID’s NOT because it is hard to get an ID but it would be HARDER to commit voter fraud if everyone is required to have one!! Voter fraud helps keep career politicians in office.

My FIRST question: How can you elect the same Senators or Representatives to office over and over for DECADES and say we have a Democratic government? What is ‘Democratic’ about having the SAME people make laws and dictate what is best for us as we follow along like sheep to the slaughter?

Congress will do nothing about this unless we PUSH them to do it. They are fat, dumb (like a fox) and happy with things the way they are, why would THEY want to upset the apple cart??

I know I’ve written about term limits before but you can never touch on this subject too much! America NEEDS term limits because most Americans are too lazy to do the research on candidates when it comes time for another election. It’s much easier to re-elect the incumbent than put forth a little effort to see what the options are. It’s particularly hard for the liberals/Democrats because as long as the money is steam rolling in to the welfare coffers or the perks for the State run ‘assistance’ programs to buy votes, why boot them out?

We in Hawaii have seen this for over 50 years and it works well with those of little ambition or desire for change.

Isn’t that what got Obama elected – his promise of ‘Change’? Of course there has to be some trust involved and with the current administration, anyone with a lick of sense would NOT trust this Race Baiting President or his dubious efforts to make America a better place since he has done just the opposite over the last seven years!

We need a Congress with ‘stones’ and we need to dump lifetime appointments for SCOTUS!

term limits NOW!

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