Posted by: Frank | 06/01/2016

Election 2016


The Opinion of ONE mostly SANE individual!

If anyone has paid attention to Liberal/Democrats over the years they realize that one of the MAIN things they complain about when referring to Republicans is that ‘they are old’!

NOW – let us look at what the Democrats have to offer – The TWO candidates for the Democrats are totally MIND BLOWING! BOTH “old farts” (what they hate about republicans) that are completely clueless with no accomplishments between them, while the Liberal Democrats constantly complain about the age of Republican candidates that are more qualified for the job.

Perhaps those on the LEFT should do some ‘sole searching’ and look into the HISTORY of these to people that they fall over. As ONE question about Killary – what ONE accomplishment has she had? Kinda like Obama – the answer is SIMPLE – ZERO!

On one hand they have ONE – Numskull Sanders – a true Socialist and LIKELY communist that has NO clue how he will pay for all the ‘free stuff’ he is promising (and won’t be able to if elected)!

Their ‘Best’ offer – Number TWO – Killary, A Liar & murderer as well as a LIFE TIME CROOK, that has absolutely NO scruples of sense of decency.

The fact is quite simple really, Liberals are violent hypocritical bigots that call anyone not agreeing them ‘racist’! We have seen through this primary season the TRUE side they try to hide as resort to insults and violence when protesting against Republicans.
Go figure – why do intelligent people support them – oh – no answer needed, “intelligent” something missing on the left…


  1. I can’t believe that a person who lies , UNDER OARH, can not only not be arrested, but run for president. If I.or anyone else was to lie, they would be arrested. Where is equal justice for all?

    • IF you are a Clinton, laws for ‘mortals’ do not apply!

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