Posted by: Frank | 07/28/2016

Hillary in Action


Democrats claim to be ‘all about America and our values’ yet the show little respect at their convention! While there were a FEW flags, mostly being digital, it was nothing like what we saw at the RNC.

Really there is NOTHING good to say about Hillary Clinton and I don’t like her so I will not waste my time pretending! With that in mind, I am posting a few interesting links to give her antics over the years a bit of perspective.

Here is a good video by Dick Morris – lots of facts that everyone just chooses to ignore…  From a man who actually knows what she’s talking about:

Here is one straight from the DNC – trying to make people think that a local was excited about  Hillary breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ which is another lie…

Have I published this one before?

Bill & Hillary were really NOT fond of Blacks back ‘in the day’! cream



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