A Bit About Me


I’m a Veteran and PROUD of it! If you want to know more about my ‘past life’ feel free to ask, otherwise my life does a ‘restart’ as of the time I moved to our home on Hawaii Island! I took a break for 6 months – I’m back with my NON-politically correct blog and will continue to bash those i disagree with.

Hawaii is our home of choice and we love it!   Hawaii, like California and too many other states that thrive on poverty and the promise of ‘free stuff’  is run by Democrats heavily into tax and spend programs. We see that by the MULTI billion dollar boondoggle Rail system that is supposed to pay for itself AND never will.

We have a government that enforces laws that make them feel warm and fuzzy but ignore lawbreakers that push against legitimate projects like the TMT and highway widening on our island of Hawaii.

I see what is happening to our country since Obama climbed out of the slime of Chicago and the island we chose for our home, I won’t stand by and make like a ‘bobble-head’ while everything turns to crap! They say the Pen is powerful, I will continue to make use of it in hopes of making changes even as KILLARY once again makes a run for the highest office in our land…  Aloha


  1. Your blog is looking GREAT Frank !

    Keep up the fight ! Give um hell !

    • I’m devastated! I just found out from a mutual friend (of Hank and me) that he passed away in August. I had to leave my job early today, to be able to have a good cry….many good cries! We were neighbors when Nivie (Elizabeth) was little. My daughter babysat for her and when my son was born 11 years later, Elizabeth babysat for him! We went through our divorces and put up with each other boasting and complaining about our dates! We shared season play tickets together. I wondered if he was off on another wonderful trip when I didn’t see him at the last play. I still can’t believe it. I didn’t know he had been ill. It had been a few months since we had run into each other…I guess more than a couple! Since I missed the memorial, etc. it helped me a lot to read your wonderful notice. He was such a great character and would do anything for anyone! OMG I still am in shock. I wish I had been a better friend! Please forgive me Hank!

  2. Hey how’s it going, I’m a big fan of your model art. Where can I find more pics of your model art besides your web pages like Facebook, model mayhem and istudio

    • Aloha, At this time those are the only places that i have images posted. Am working on a site that should be up in the next couple of months with more images including ‘for sale’ work… Mahalo for your interest…

  3. Hello,
    A desire to visit and even move to Hawaii has been in me for many years. Admittedly it comes and goes in waves, pun intended. Something about Hawaii just sticks with me. Never been but plan on it this coming year. Politically, I’m to the right of George Washington but I despise politics. Used to be a news junkie then cut that out of my mental diet. Don’t even like talking politics anymore because I think the cure to this Progressive problem could be very painful. When I see some current developments in your beautiful islands I wonder if me making that big move will be wise. Or maybe the islands need more of my persuasion to help lift it to what it could be. I don’t know. All I know is I love a land I never been to. Interested in your opinion thus my long winded comment. Mahalo.

    • Aloha,
      There are plenty of great things about Hawaii – including the weather! The politics here are typical for any State with Democrat overlords. Poverty runs amuck, we have too many homeless and the politicians have no clue how to correct it. We have lived here for 11 years, can’t imagine going anyplace else. OUR island – Hawaii – is the biggest and quietest. While we are ‘big’ we have a small population and we like it that way. You may notice from my blogs that I ‘lean right’ mainly because of all the crooks that surround us. My wife laughs at me but lets me do my thing! Anything else I can tell you, lmk, thanks for comments…

      • Thanks for your reply.

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