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TMT – Mauna Kea – Hate & ‘Violence’


The source of frustration & disagreement.

For the past five (5) DAYS the following is my latest & LAST exchange with one of the fanatics ‘protecting’ Mauna Kea against the construction of the TMT.  INSTEAD of staying on point regarding the TMT and use of the mountain these fanatics choose to fight ‘the war’ for ‘Hawaii ‘independence’.  THIS is what pisses me and others off – the discussion should be about the MOUNTAIN & TMT!! So much for the “aloha spirit”!

After numerous exchanges where he declares that he ISN’T an American citizen though he is happy to accept benefits from the government. The numerous posts involved more profanity and irrelevant ‘information’ from my antagonist as he tried hard to bring me down to his level, then my comment when my fanatic ‘friend’ posted yet another TRASH post:

Please feel free to scroll back through OUR remarks and count the times YOU swore & used FOUL language compared to ME… It will answer your question… When you attack someone – expect like replies – though I kept mine more civil..

HIS reply to me:

You are very welcome!!! There are those who know what is true and there are those like you who only want to hear what you want to hear.

Yes, what I have been saying speaks volume and all your brainwashed idiots need to do is to go to “” and see for yourself if what I am sating is true or false.

If you don’t then all you are doing is speaking volume based on your personal opinions or the contrived and made up history that your United States Government wanted you to believe just as the had done in their illegal occupation of the America’s, slavery, landing on the moon, 911, terrorism and for the past 122 years their illegal occupation of Hawaii.

So as you can see the only ignorance I have exposed to the posters is…..YOURS!!! Had enough or are you dumb enough to come back for more???

Bring It On……

I DID respond to his trash talk though not with Profanity. My final reply in this discussion:

You can NOT claim someone ‘ignorant’ just because they CHOOSE not to argue with you on something that is TOTALY a non issue when it comes to the TMT & the Mountain.

I stated at least a DOZEN times that I COULD NOT CARE LESS about about PROVING that Hawaii was ‘conquered’ is or is not a State! I DO NOT CARE if you or any of your fanatic friends think we are a State! That argument has NO value in the TMT discussion!

You can RANT, CRY, Jump up and down while beating on your chests and screaming to some nonexistent God about how unfair things are today.

HOW can I make it plainer to you or the other clueless complainers that keep throwing that useless argument out there?

It is of ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE or INTEREST to me or other supporters of the TMT AND was not part of or our original conversation about MAUNA KEA!

Feel FREE to Argue the FACTS – it’s a BIG mountain, there is ROOM for the TMT and those that wish to worship, hike, sight see, watch the stars, build snow men/women or do just about anything – WITHOUT disturbing anything that is CLAIMED to be ‘sacred’! Those are the FACTS!

He continues to attempt to taunt me into more idiotic banter that I choose to ignore. I will be happy to discuss the merits of building the TMT or anything else pertaining to the mountain as long is it REMAINS about the Mountain…

Verbal abuse, lies, rocks in the road, glass, brush, resisting arrest, abusing officials that are trying to do their jobs – this is NOT “Aloha spirt” in any form!

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WHO CARES in 2016 – What does it Matter ?!!



Regardless of what happens with our Presidential Election our country will still be a total MESS!! For proof of my statement just look at the last 6.5 years under Obama! Congress is so dysfunctional that even when the whole shebang is under control of ONE party, they get nothing of VALUE accomplished BUT are able to shove legislation down our throats that does HARM to millions upon millions of Americans!

ASK YOUSELVES – Why is our government so dysfunctional?  NOW – look in the mirror – that person you are looking at is LIKELY part of the reason for our problems!

Way to many people are happy just sitting around and accepting what happening around them as long as it doesn’t affect them as individuals! In my opinion, ONE of the major problems we have is the ages of the people that control our government is killing us!  As of August 23, 2015, 5 senators are in their 80s, 18 are in their 70s, 32 are in their 60s!!

Here is some interesting information regarding TERM LIMITS – including the Supreme Court!!

“Reformers during the early 1990s used the initiative and referendum to put congressional term limits on the ballot in 24 states. Voters in eight of these states approved the congressional term limits by an average electoral margin of two to one.[25] It was an open question whether states had the constitutional authority to enact these limits. In May 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5–4 in U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton, 514 U.S. 779 (1995), that states cannot impose term limits upon their federal Representatives or Senators.” More information here:

The average length of service of Members of the House at the beginning of the 113th Congress was 9.1 years (4.6 terms) and for Senators 10.2 years (1.7 terms).18

Below is a link to a page that lists the ages of JUST the Senators and how long they’ve been in office:

We have Congress Persons falling asleep at their desks, reading news papers, playing computer games, barely able to move about because of chronic illness and DYING of old age while in office!


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TMT on Maunakea Part III


More and more I watch these (few disgruntled) people that profess to ‘protect the Aina’ end up doing more to damage it than protect it, the more it saddens me. Over the past few months I have talked with MANY locals (yes, even ‘Hawaiians’) and asked them how they feel about the TMT.  The VAST majority admit that they SUPPORT or at least DO NOT OBJECT to the TMT project moving forward. They are aware of what the project will do for their children and the State of Hawaii!

My second question was, “do your friends and family agree”? MOST say they keep their opinions to themselves because of specific friends or family that have joined the Anti-TMT protesters.

My third question was, “how do you feel about the ‘Sovereignty‘ movement” that is the REAL agenda of the protest leaders? I have not found ONE person that supports it!

I respond to EVERY blog and letter (WHT and others) that I see and end up hearing the same old sad song “Hawaii was stolen/conquered and we do NOT have to obey any laws from the State of Federal government”.

I have spent 3 days blogging via WHT with people that lack the common sense to even have a civil conversation regarding their (in my opinion) misguided thoughts regarding ‘Sovereignty’ and it’s like hitting your head against  a rock wall. They DEMAND freedom but still want the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES & HAWAII to continue providing them with their ‘free stuff’! WE (America) owes it to them for conquering Hawaii.  They have gone so far as to say, even though at least one of them is getting welfare money, food stamps and child care dollars – they AREN’T AMERICANS!

MY response – if you aren’t Americans, WHY are you stealing Taxpayer money from us? It didn’t sit well – the name calling got worse.. The last comment was, “good luck finding the treaty of annexation. u helped me to understand that the public must hear this even more…I’m going “to waste my time” educating as many as i meet that there’s no treaty of annexation and show them the US laws that relate to that” 

Regardless of how they feel, they are talking to the wind, Hawaii will REMAIN a State. These are likely good people with families they care about and yet they actually THINK that things would be better for them if Hawaii were ‘free’!  Perhaps they need to look at OTHER small (island) country’s that can NOT support themselves and depend on others to help them through their lives.

Do I have the answers? Never said I do, but I DO know that if these same people put half as much energy into helping to make THEIR HOMELAND better, things could change for the good of the people and they could stop being so bitter..

My Opinion – feel free to disagree and let me know…  Aloha

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TMT or No TMT on Maunakea Part II


Once again I will likely piss some people off, including a few of my ‘friends’ but this IS still a free country and we all have our opinions and the right to share them.

As the fight for the building of the TMT continues we are finding just how low the protesters can stoop! The leaders (a small band of bottom feeders pushing for sovereignty) continue to tell lies about the site that will be used. I recently hear of them telling people that will listen that it is a burial ground and the TMT construction will desecrate it. We KNOW that is a lot of Bullshit!

They put obstructions on the road to stop traffic and legitimate workers that need to go to their work place.

They defy the law that says they aren’t allowed to camp on the mountain.

They try to shame and humiliate the law enforcement officers that are trying to do their jobs, virtually threatening them when approached.

They do their best to insult and bagger those of us that aren’t buying into their BULL, making sad attempts on blogs and WHT to imply that if we don’t agree with what they are trying to do we don’t care about the Aina or that we are ‘racist’.

They have conned easily swayed people all over the State of Hawaii and many just plain dimwits on the Mainland into believing that their ’cause’ is ‘just’ when it’s ‘JUST’ a bunch of crap!

I just spent a WEEK in ‘discussion’ with a ‘person’ named ‘Akulele’ that accurately displayed the ignorance & arrogance of so many of these hardcore anti TMT supporters. They lie, stretch the truth, resort to name calling and ugliness  and ignore FACTS! They PREACH aloha yet ignore it when ‘talking’ with those of us that support the TMT. It’s all a farce, the leaders of this JOKE have shamed and embarrassed locals into blindly following them.  ‘Akulele’ went so far as to say I don’t belong on the island, I don’t appreciate it, love it, care about it….  When I came back and listed the things the groups I am a member of have done and continue doing, there was NO answer, just more insults. Typical response because I DO NOT BOW DOWN TO THEIR GARBAGE!

It’s time for them to wake up!

I know this is still 2015 but believe it or not Election 2016 is right around the corner and likely Hawaii will continue in the same rut that they have for over 50 years!


America makes major changes but Hawaii remains the same. Here we sit, months after making TWO major BAD  choices by electing yet ANOTHER career Democrat as Governor and a Democrat Senator with a somewhat questionable background, instead of a Republican (or anyone else) that could have shown Americans that Hawaii has HEARD and is AWARE of what has gone on in our country for the past six (6+) years.

My question – WHY did we in Hawaii continue to show the rest of America that we BOW to dirty politics and remain clueless, electing worthless Democrats to important offices over and over again.

During the last campaign we  asked – Do Hawaiians have the “stones” to take on the Democrat Juggernaut and show they that enough is enough or will it be ‘more of the same’?

To our EMBARRASSMENT we  again answered that question by placing the usual rubber stamped butt kissing Union backed ‘losers’ back in offices that they use for personal gain. Do we EVER hear of a Democrat retiring BROKE?

I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry when a recent headline in West Hawaii Today showed the headline “New Leadership”

“Leadership” & politics in Hawaii consists of six (6) things, Promises, LIES, Elections, More Spending, Higher Taxes & MORE Lies! Perhaps I should add ‘back stabbing and blaming others’ for everything they do wrong – something Democrats are Pros at!


When Abercrombie was crying about his loss, he tried to BLAME (there’s that word) it on signing off on gay marriage. The REAL facts are that he made promises to the unions then turned his back to them once he was in office! The Unions booted him out, actually doing us a small favor in that respect but then they turn around and throw their power into electing another ‘good ole boy’ with no ‘stones’ as Governor ‘because of his roots’ was stupid! What promises did Ige make behind closed doors?

We hear from Gov. Ige that he will have a “more transparent administration” the same empty words we’ve heard from every elected Democrat (re: Obama) so many times before. We see Gov. Ige bow to the criminals blocking work on the APPROVED TMT project. His inability to use his power to do the right thing is NOT the sign of a strong Governor. Time will tell if he is as full of hot air as the rest of our Democrat legislators including our President.


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Hawaiians – For or Against?


Recently, as is our habit on Veterans Day and Memorial Day,  was spent at the Veterans Cemetery, Kona side. It was a solemn and moving occasion that always gets my emotions stirring. I listen to the people, watch the audience, walk the grave sites and visit the MIA Memorial.  This day, when we listened to “God Bless America – Hula Rendition” by Colleen ‘Coco’ Namura from Oahu, my heart felt like it skipped a beat. I always get ‘goose bumps’ when I listen to this song but watching It put to “Hula” was much more beautiful, graphic and emotional in my opinion.

For me, watching the reactions of the people joining us in this remarkable honoring of our service men and woman, both past and present was a genuine treat.

During the various phases of the program, I took the time to look around at the people surrounding me and was happy to see people from all walks of life, all ethnic persuasions paying attention, singing along with the songs, INCLUDING ‘God Bless America” and

For the past few months we, on Hawaii have been bombarded by PROTESTERS of the TMT – spearheaded by the Anti Military, State/American minority that CLAIM to be trying to protect the Aini while their real agenda is pushing for Hawaii Sovereignty. Sadly, many locals buy off on the garbage these people promote to make them feel justified in their own warped propaganda. Time for them to wake up!

Some GREAT news!!

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TMT or No TMT on Maunakea


Aloha World!

During the past few weeks I have been involved in several blogs that are against the construction of the TMT. Many people say it is because of the ‘spiritual’ meanings the Mountain holds for them, Others say it’s because of the Archeological sites or a combination of both.

We also hear them claim they are “protecting the Aina” yet when I reply that the TMT is NOT going to ruin ‘The Hawaiian Culture” NOR the environment any more than the TRASH our locals seem to love throwing out of their vehicles or garbage they leave along the highway instead of disposing of it at one of the transfer stations. How about the lava that is taken from ‘protected’ areas so that rock walls can be built. Perhaps they could direct some of their “Protection” towards your surroundings.

What do I get – silence, complete and utter silence. It seems that the only “Aina” they find important is a big rock in the middle of the island that is mainly visited when it snows (truckloads of the white stuff for the kids – which I find commendable)  or tourist, hikers. Oh and the occasional ceremony…

MOST of the focus on the blogs is ‘anti-TMT’ and few ‘Hawaiians’ will stand up and admit they have no problem with it being built. After all, these protesters are their friends and neighbors protesting against the construction. These are friends of their families, their children go to school together – so they (ones in favor) just sit back and listen to the negative trash talk, not willing to sound out with their own feelings.

While I am having these sometimes heated conversations there has been more that a little hostility, geared directly at me. I have been called a bigot, a racist, an elitist, a ‘privileged white man and any number of other things not so nice. It seems that if you go against the vocal anti-TMT people that the Aloha Spirit that Hawaii is so famous for, just kinda disappears.

Of course then we have the ‘over the hill’ crowd that wants Hawaii to become a sovereign country. Their claim is that since WE (Hawaii) are not legally part of the United States that the TMT can’t be built on foreign soil without the permission of the government. The total CRAP they spout about not building the TMT because Hawaii is not part of the USA is just that- CRAP!  They may not like it, but FACTS ARE FACTS, Hawaii is part of America and it will continue to be so. Trying to use the flawed logic of others that just like to hear themselves yap is useless..

These crackpots need to quit with the BULLSHIT and get a life.

For any that don’t know, I’ve been part of Hawaii for 40+ years and live here now because i love the islands AND her mixture of fantastic people! You don’t have to be BORN in a place to love it,  I respect the Hawaiian culture and the Aina more than a lot of others I could point out. I’ve EARNED what i have, have the right to be where i am and I have the same right to say what I feel OUR Constitution protects even the crazies that don’t want to admit they are part of our country.

I pay my way and do NOT count on handouts or others to support me.


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Young Mothers of Hawaii

map-single parents

This post is directed to the many young friends I have made since moving to Hawaii.  Plying my ‘trade’ as a photographer has given me access to many young ladies on our islands, many of whom I have become friends with over the years.  I often talk with these young woman and hear of their situations.  What I hear does NOT make me a happy person, nor does it do much to make me very proud of our Islands.

While those of us that live in Hawaii love our state, we also know that it is a far cry from Paradise. Most of us think of our own well being and desire to enjoy our lives. For the most part we forget that there are many around us
that are a lot less fortunate. In the past few weeks my own small circle of friends have exhibited a most disturbing trend on our island that troubles me greatly.

I have three (likely many more that I don’t know about)  young female friends that I’ve known since they were 15/16 – all three are now grown women, two of them have children ranging from a baby to four year old, the other has a newborn. ALL three of these young women have been deserted by the men that fathered those children. NONE of them get much support from their families or the families of those same fathers. Two of these young women are virtually homeless, depending on friends for a place to stay, with those children, for short periods of time.

We Hawaiians live in a State that depends more on Welfare or ‘State Assistance’ than any other State in our Republic. Our Hawaiian culture, our ‘Aloha spirit’ when it comes to these young women is a sick joke, a VERY sick joke! The link below points ‘Mothers’ to State assistance programs – When you follow it, feel free to show me where it does anything to GO AFTER THE DEAD BEAT DADS!! The “State” (Taxpayers) foot the bills, the Dads move on to the next willing young woman…

These women bare the responsibility for the young lives they brought into the world yet do not have the means to fight for what they deserve by way of child care or help from the responsible MEN that impregnated them and our STATE & LOCAL (county) government virtually  ignores their situation.

Where are our legislators, why are these deadbeat dads allowed to get away with this? As a RILE it takes two people to create a living breathing child.  To me it seems that the men on Hawaii enjoy taking advantage of these young women, who are more often than not under the ‘age of consent’ and with no interference, often with the blessing, of the parent(s) of these under age girls with little fear of consequence.

Their (the fathers) attitude is ‘it’s not my fault that they got pregnant’ why should i be held responsible?


My opinion, something needs to be done to help these women! Perhaps they need to band together and ‘take on’ our local government, because right now, IT STINKS!
Frank Dickinson

Kailua Kona

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Nobody BUT Obama!


It’s sad that the most powerful man in America doesn’t have the stones to stand up and admit he is WRONG!

His whole goal is to make the rest of the world THINK he knows what he’s doing when anyone of average intelligence can easily see through his façade and understand that he is ‘winging it’!

His lack of common skills other than those of communicating his idiotic ideals, has been a waste of time and effort.

A man that has had a real JOB likely gained some work ethics along the way would be able to stand up for our country and make the ‘changes we could believe in’. We know that in HIS case, he had neither the skills of a REAL worker or the ABILITY to accept and excel at the task at hand. To make things worse for America he surrounded himself with incompetence by choosing those that share many of his views and bought their way into his Administration.

He makes no real effort to vent those he picks and lets ‘due process’ cull out the worst in an effort to make the GOP look bad. His answer to everything is to do the most damage he can to our political system and our country by picking and choosing his ‘fights’ on the single premise that the Republicans will stand against him and his flunkies. The single hope is that if he and his Party give people enough ‘free stuff’ and make sure it looks like the opposition is against it, the people receiving the ‘free stuff’ will continue to vote for MORE, regardless of the corruption that comes with it… The major news media still protect this loser and we let them get away with it.

“Hawaiian Effect” – Living in a State like Hawaii, akin to living in California – both welfare States that cling to the Democrats in hope of extending ‘entitlements’ to the ‘poor’ while empowering the 1% that happen to be Democrats. It is challenging for those of us that see and feel the Damage the Democrats do and are trying to make ACTUAL changes for the good of the people. Those of us with the guts to challenge the ‘norm’ might suffer a bit but MOST of us aren’t willing to cave to the hypocrisy that controls our State.

There are MANY young people in Hawaii and across America that aren’t following the ‘rules’ and voting Democrat. As the old farts that lack the ability to digest what Democrats have done to our country (or are receiving ‘kickbacks’ from the Left)  die off and the Young people decide that living with your hand out, waiting for your neighbor to pay his taxes so your can receive your entitlement,  is NOT for them, things will change.

I blog, write letters, talk to people, do volunteer work, mix with the community and share my thoughts & views… My views are simple – AMERICANS are not Socialists and those that are willing to work for a living and care about their families WILL win out in the end. Patience and Education (something that needs work here in Hawaii) will shift the tide. The people here are NOT dumb, they are in a rut and need help to dig themselves out of it. It’s the job of those of us that are successful today to provide the guidance needed to cut the umbilical cord to “entitlements” and the corruption the Democrats are so proud of…

Likely a Democrat/Liberal won’t read this but for those of you that would like some interesting information, check this out:


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It’s time to GET THIS RIGHT!

We are about to enter a new phase in America’s progress. The Democrats are working with a ‘Lame Duck’ President and will have to make the decision on weather they will continue to support his destructive path.

The GOP is NOT perfect, they’ve made plenty of mistakes but NOW we can move on at last. There is a lot to do but they can do it. Before my next rant, here Is a bit of history for you from another world leader. Sometimes others know what is happening to us before we do..


Quote of the Century

Some possess the the vocabulary to sum things up in a way we can understand. This is a quote from the former Premier of the Czech Republic. Obviously, we have a lot of work to do to repair the damage they’ve done.

“The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency that to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious that Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

Vaclav Klaus


The Republicans:

This is the break Republicans have been looking for, it is the time for them to use their heads and NOT make mistakes of the past!

Do NOT let the HARD RIGHT grasp control, it is time to accept and embrace a ‘middle of the road’ format. Embrace the FACT that America is ONLY 238 years old and is yet evolving into something the WORLD is unable to comprehend. We are young compared to the rest of the world, we have yet to actually define what we are. We struggle with this on a day to day, election to election basis.

We, as a country,  STILL need more time to find out what we truly are destined to become! Most Americans have the common sense to understand that Socialism does NOT work, as proven in MANY countries and it is certainly not for us. The Left is still trying to shove it down our throats but they will find it is a tough nut to crack!

I’ve said this more than once but will say it again! If the GOP wants to stay in power, there are some simple things that need to be considered, no hardline stance on:

Gay Marriage – time to realize that Gay marriage is her to stay, live with it.

Abortion – the rights of women trump this, you aren’t going to win.

Integration – Life is short, we have millions of illegals in our country, yes we need to do something about them but there is a right way & a wrong way to do it. Time to figure out the RIGHT way!

Minimum Wage – opt for the STATE to provide this option since each State has a different economy it should be up to them to figure it out.

Legalization of Marijuana –  It’s one thing to disagree with legalization, which I do, but to make a standing issue as if you’re going to ‘fight to the death’ over it is just plain STUPID!

IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE MY FRIENDS, we are a nation founded on immigration, we are the most diverse nation in the world and it’s time for us to stand up and accept the role we are destined to play in the shaping of the world.

The first STEP is to correct the mistakes that the Obama Administration made then move forward..


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